Who Voted for the SunBot??

HEY YOU GUYS!!! (and gals)

Did You VOTE for the SunBot?

tswift1 would really appreciate your VOTE!

If you think he deserves it, please, JUST DO IT!!!

You will need to register, but all it takes is some Basic Information and an e-mail address.

Keep logging in to the site every week, they are giving away weekly prizes for those who “registered to vote” and evaluate the various contestant’s entries.
This week’s prize it is an 8GB IPOD.

There is only a week or so left, so if your going to vote, please Vote.

Maybe vote for the SunBot???

poll’s closed, but I just voted for it. Sunbot is a very innovative idea.

Sorry about that… I could not figure out when the Phase II of the PIC32 contest closed, so I guessed the first week of OCT-2008, to close the Pole here. I think the PIC32 contest has a week to go…

Hi Mark and fellow Vex Forum Members,

The contest ends October 13th, 2008 and so far I only have around 9 votes! I could use some help from Vex Forum members in order to get my Vex based SunBot to Phase II. I also posted two short videos showing what SunBot can already do on You Tube.

Registering on the Microchip site is very easy to do, just follow the link below and look for my SunBot entry under “tswift”. You can rate many other interesting ideas from other contestants using the PIC32, including some novel robots.



Thanks BMX670! I believe you raised the vote count to 10 for SunBot.