Who would win? One vertical 5-pt boi or One horizontal 5-pt boi

Hey guys (and gals), third time poster here.

Recently, I was at a vex robotics competition. Some pretty weird stuff happened at the competition, but I think the weirdest (and most amusing) was definitely this one.
The Referees ruled the cones as not scored, and the team’s who mobile goal it was did not dispute the call because the four cones were not match affecting.

My question is, should these cones be ruled as scored or unscored. The manual states that

The key phrase in this scoring is that “stacked cones on tilted goals are fine (eg…on top of a zone pipe or cone)”. The mobile stack is clearly resting on top of other cones, and my question is, although the mobile goal is not “tilted”, the entire stack is tilted, supported by the stack of cones itself. Of course, final ruling always comes down to the referees, but I would like to see what you all have to say. I look forward to hearing your replies!

One Vertical 5-pt zone boi


One Horizontal 5-pt zone boi

Who would win???

The robot that high hangs boi.

Seriously, the correct answer, I believe, would be that the cones don’t count. According to a official ruling referenced in the Q&A summary, as seenhere,

That is definitely not supported only by the mobile goal and stacked cones, so I would be inclined to say One Horizontal VERTICAL 5-pt zone boi. (I can tell my horizontal and vertical directions correctly without editing.)

(Plus, if that was upright, why the heck are there red mobile goals in the blue zones? :stuck_out_tongue: )


the Goliath spider intake

With an armadillo linkage as the four bar :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the hamster drive


How did you get the cad to be so realistic? what version of inventor are you using?

I don’t think this counts as points. If I’m seeing this correctly, the stack is being supported by a tipped cone.

So in that case, the vertical cones win.

But this though:

And throwing in an understanding of a stacked cone:

So from what I see, that horizontal stack would be okay if it was supported by another Goal scored in a zone or a cone stacked on a Goal in a zone (?). If that’s the case, then yes, the horizontal stack would win.

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