Who would win?

Idk if you guys have seen the book series of who would win, but I figured I would make a topic on it. Yall are free to suggest different match combinations, but I’ll start.

Who would win, a clawbot alliance or a wallbot alliance(assuming a norcal style wallbot bc we dont have other examples yet)

Dont forget, if you answer someone else’s what if make sure to quote them so that it doesn’t get confusing


Assuming tetherbot NorCal wallbots, Wallbot Alliance. They can push cubes into their zones, and block the clawbot from scoring at all (assuming no auton, which is very typical of clawbots).

Who would win- world-class robot with average driver or clawbot with world-class driver (taking into account strategy, defense, etc.)?


clawbot with good driver. the simple controls of a clawbot makes the drivers job so much easier and with a world class driver they’ll do work. a mediocre driver would have an even worse time with a complex robot, and will likely have no idea what to do.

Who would win- an alliance with nothing but single cube capacity dr4b’s or an alliance of traybots that can’t do towers?


Traybots. They’ll stack so many cubes the towers will only help them

Traybots, as their stacking capabilities score more raw points than the dr4bs would be able to manage

Who would win - a simple tray/1 cube dr4b or a tray lift/MCC?

Hey, just a friendly reminder, quote the question you’re answering so it doesn’t get too confusing.

Fixed mine

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I’d say it would depend on how dedicated the MCC team is. Normally, I would go the former would win, but I feel like that a MCC could be really decent, especially early on.

Who would win - Karthik or DRow?

GDC election time?


Who would win - Karthik or DRow?

DRow for the win boys

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DRow wins because he has more memes. Sorry about that Karthik.

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who would win, a good bot with average code or an average bot with excellent code
code isn’t only auton, macros and stuff also count.

rephrase. World class bot with trash driver, clawbot with godlike driver. My response would be clawbot with world class driver. Trash drivers choke, and the clawbot beating them would definetley make them choke


Exactly why I specified average driver. That’s a conversation that happens around here regularly.