Who's Going To The US Open?

Since the US Open is fast approaching, I was wondering what teams will be there, and what are some good robots/ teams to look out for. Maybe give just a very brief description of your robot if you want :wink: Come by our pits and have a chat, my name is Andrew from 1200 Syntax Error.

What have three teams coming. 7232, 7232B, and 7232C. We have 6 bar, side intake, 6 motor high speed drive, and air to spare!

3018A (High school, formerly 3018) and 3018V (Middle school) are planning to attend the Vex portion of the U.S. Open.

Feel free to stop by our pit, and I hope to stop by yours!

I’m hoping to volunteer our 1061B team will be there for middle school

Does anyone know where you can volunteer at?

Send me a pm or your email and I will give you the link to volunteer, Noah.

I will be there volunteering and potentially competing in the open division. They might make me drive one of our open robots. gulps

Innocent bystanders, beware. :stuck_out_tongue:

4112A, The Ohio State champions are gonna be there

I will be attending, but not as 323Z. I will be on 5003 :wink: Watch out, 5003 is a power-house.

9090C and 9090A will be competing in the high school division. I am excited to attend our team’s first US National/Open.

We’ve made some design tweaks, expect to see a significant performance improvement :smiley:

4405a will be there after a one year absence from the competition (but not really, since our team volunteered there last year. We will enjoy being on the other side of the microphones and tournament manager software :D).

I love that it’s back at the Kroc Center, too. Not that there was anything wrong with the Ralston Arena, but the Kroc Center has hosted it since I was in 8th grade and I’m rather used to its layout (I felt it was a bit too easy to get lost in the Ralston Arena).

Good luck to all the teams there!

400X will also be attending. This means that 3 out of the 6 Texas Regional Champs will be there. Texas better win something…:smiley:

Good Luck to Everybody! This will be our first year in the High School Division so we are ecstatic to be competing against all the teams we’ve been so scared of for all these years!:stuck_out_tongue:

1200 Syntax Error
1200C Technical Breakdown
1200F Z-Fence

We’ll be there in full force representing WI. (and 2527A)

2880A will be there with a standard robot, with not so standard abilities.
Good luck to all!
I am just competing solo, so watch out for the one man army! jk

185A will be there. Our robot is a six bar with side rollers, but it’s definitely not standard. We should also have our driver skills score significantly higher. Come by our pit area to talk and see the robot, it’ll just be my dad and I so we shouldn’t be too hard to find. All the Utah state champions are coming too, we should do a Utah vs. Texas match for fun on thursday.

Sounds fun… lets get some state teams together in an alliance and have a battle of the states for fun :smiley:

That does sound fun, though it would be harder for some states than for others. Nebraska will have some good team to make an alliance from.

2527A (Formerly 2177) will be attending as our first year in high school! Coming out as Middle School National Champions last year has gotten us very excited to be attending in the High School division this year. I think matches between states would be really fun with our new robot and the SMC teams typically outstanding robots I think Wisconsin can give any other state a run for thier money!:smiley:

4495A, member of georgia state runner up alliance, will be attending the US Open. We are looking forward to competing against higher level teams

Whoa that’s confidence! :slight_smile: I just have to say that the 185A - 2131C alliance has won the last 3 Utah tournaments, never lost an elimination match, and has never won by less than 34 points. :cool: So… Utah for the win!

Well, only 3 Indiana teams will be going (I wish we could go…):


I am going to be prideful, but 5003 is a stud. They can do everything very fast. I will be on their team at US Open. They are a STRONG force coming from Indiana. Be prepared :wink: