Who's Going To The US Open?

I think just about any Wisconsin team will back up the fact that in our state quality of robot is insignificant compared to driving skill and superior strategy. I for one drive three hours a day 7 days a week. Driving skill is HUGE in Wisconsin and we have some of the best with Ethan from 1200 and Tristan from Technical Breakdown. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xPrLua8ptQ&list=UUCC-V2-ZQ-t0uD-0rF6RaHw Here is an example of our outstanding strategy in the state finals!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well 2880A is definitely down for that, Me and 400X will be there all Thursday, so feel free to Challenge the Texas State Champs (S).

Although a battle of the States sounds very fun, I’d much rather wait until after all the competition is done to do it. I’d rather not have to battle teams like those that will be attending AFTER they get to see all of our strategies and plot to destroy us.:stuck_out_tongue:

The number change might have caused some confusion, but 2527 (I will probably always refer to you as 2177, I’m sorry in advance:D) might remember us from last years nationals in the middle school division. We were 1412X, Texas team, Long hair, Transmission robot, Semi-Finals, those things might ring a bell!:smiley:

When we had to chose between Omaha and Hawaii we dropped out of the US Open. The money not spent on going to Omaha will go into a robot for whatever the new challenge is so we will have it and a toss up robot for the summer games. Good luck everyone, and I know Zach, Max, Tiger, and Lucy will represent Texas well.

Yeah, you’re probably right, wouldn’t want everyone to know all of our autonomous strategies too far in advance.

Btw, were you the guys that picked us in gateway middle school worlds? I was on 1497B gateway season.

Yeah of course I remember you guys! Galeston Island hoppers was always really strong in middle school! I remember your name is Max but im blanking on your brothers name right now. I saw you guys earlier this year on youtube and man that scissors looks like a beast! haha best of luck guys!:slight_smile:

Thanks :wink: we’ll be bringing something new to the Open btw…

You’ll see us at the US Open, team 6737A with our robot MATILDA.


We’ll be there. I’m fine with doing a match before or after. We’ll have brand new motors and wheels with the metal gear inserts in them so we don’t burn out halfway through matches. We also plan on high-hanging by then.

See you there.

I remember you guys from last year (I was the MC for Middle School at Nationals, and I’m competing for the last time this year in high school). I remember a unique bot and an impressive win in the finals (you were with 3919, if I recall correctly). My team’s kinda excited to be competing against the former middle school champs, and (I’ll admit) a tiny bit scared.

I guess my earlier statements were incorrect and my team will be competing in the open! :smiley:

Excited to have one last competition after thinking my high school career was over, and planning to go out with a win ^^ excited to be able to watch some of these top teams in person instead of through the shaky and grainy lens of youtube.

Unsure what version of our robot we’ll be bringing, depends on if I can tear my team away from homework and studying for some major rebuilding.

Much luck to all teams and if you have questions about the venue or area i’m always reachable through pm.

They’ve consistently had great robots this year, and probably the single fastest 6 motor drive I have ever seen :cool: although I believe they will bring something new to the open :stuck_out_tongue:

Teams 2442 A and B will be there! I believe we’re the only teams from Massachusetts though…Looking forward to meeting all of you!:slight_smile: