Whos playing with vex?

so what age groups are using the Vex design system?

You want the “age groups”. The Vex Boxes says 14+ Years.

You want the “official age groups”. IIRC it is Middle School/Junior High.

You want “actual age groups”. By reading the Forums here, at VexFan and at Chief Delphi, I would say from about 8-10 years old to 53 years old.

um, thats not what he wanted. im a sophomore in highschool.

yea im a freshman

(As I read after the fact) Well the Poll Says:

Below High School
High School
Out of College

(Yea!! I am IN a catagory!!!)

the box says 14+ and im 12 and vex is awsome its really fun exept im just not good at programming:( :frowning: :o :o but ill be 13 in a couple of months

Those are “Guide Line”…

My son is 6 and 1/2, he can bolt the Vex together in no time at all. My Youngest Daughter is 9 (and a month), she is almost as good at the assembeling of Vex, but I have hopes of getting her programming in the next year or so… She is working of designing her own web pages, I think that is a good starting place…
I should mention that I am 40, and I have not had this much fun working on a “project” since I learned programming when I was 16. For me, working on Vex, brings back all the excitement that I remember having working on my first Apple ]+ programs, the “thrill” of trying some new command or feature and having it work correctly, or even mostly correctly, finding the problem, fixing it, and getting it to work correctly.

i’m a sophomore in HS

As said before, the ages listed on the Vex box are a guideline. We know there are users of many ages who will enjoy the Vex kit. This system is designed to be as versatile and accessibile as possible for users of ALL ages. It is encouraging to see so many people working with this incredible product.

Take Care,

see i am 12 and the box says 14+ but as long as you know what you are doing it’s ok:)

yah i’m a 7th grader and ive already built and deystroyed a stair clibin:D g bot

i’m a soph in high school,as with it seems like the majority who responded

You make us Freshman sad:( …lol:)

sophmore power!!! :slight_smile:

right now i waiting for january 6th, the new first season. and this year our team is thinking of doing two regionals, NJ and NYC. so ill see how that turns out.

ha, its not too bad. my first semester classes are so easy, i just relax. now next semster is going to be hard though.

8th grade was my easiest overall…

I’m just turned 12 and robotics is VERY EASY for me!

Like the old Erector boxes used to say… “Ages 9-99”! :smiley:

Are me and Tmaxxguy the only Juniors in High School. I’m not sure about some teams on VEXforum, but we are somewhat having a problem about next year’s members and how many we will have. so far, we only have 2 people lined up that we know of and about 3 people from our team are seniors.