Why 2 easyc templates?

I was just playing around with RobotC lately and noticed that there is just one template. When you download this to your robot, it will work with both crystals and vexnet.

I was wondering why EasyC doesn’t do this? When you create a new project at the beginning you have to choose either Crystal or VExnet. Then, your program will only work for that. Is it possible to just create one template?

If you checked the help file, you would see that you can switch back and forth between Crystal and Wifi. All you have to do is switch the template and re-download the code.

Goto Options -> Competition Type

Please read the help file in easyC on this topic. There are no more templates in easyC, only competition projects. This is a new feature implemented with the introduction of VEXnet and free upgrades to easyC V2 and PRO can be downloaded at www.intelitekdownloads.com.

The dialog box to select crystal vs VEXnet is simply to preset the values of the Autonomous and Operator Control periods, making it easier for the user. If you are using VEXnet, set both values to 0. If you are using crystals, set the values (in seconds) to the appropriate challenge or competition you are competing in. This feature is unique to easyC and allows the user to “simulate” a field control system without actually having one. This is a great tool to control the duration of Autonomous and Operator Control periods for in class competitions.

It can also be used for practicing Skills Challenges (60 seconds) while not connected to a field control system so the operator knows exactly when the 60 seconds has passed.

Hope this helps!