Why 4 AP not 1?

So if you win autonomous you get 4 AP. The team with the most autonomous wins will have the highest AP. The next most wins will have the 2nd highest AP.

Why is it 4 AP for a win? Why not 1 if you win, 0 if you don’t? This would produce the same ranking system. Is the system being left expandable for future years so you could get points in the case of a tie?

You get 4 bonus points I guess, plus it doesn’t really matter, not like if you get your auton. score or anything.

I think it is just because winning auton is worth 4 points, so they made it the same as well. In the case of a tie I think both sides get 0 points, that way in case all robots do nothing, no one is awarded.

My guess is that it is simply easier to use what is already programmed into the software for the autonomous bonus, which this year happens to be 4 points.

Since the game is not very high scoring the auton awards will also not be very high.

Yes, this thread is about the “Autonomous Points” in terms of tie breakers though. The original post was asking why are you awarded with 4 AP instead of some other value like 1 or 2. (this is different than the actual points added to your score during the match). AP points are replacing SP points this year as the 1st round tie breaker.

Perhaps to differentiate it from WPs and SPs. 4 is a totally different scale than 2 and 40.

You’d hate to only get 1 point for Autonomous if you lost the match by 3 points. Given the 4 pts then you’d win by 1 point. I’m glad its worth 4 points.
You have to give the students some reward for having good programming skills.

The question isn’t about how many points the auton bonus is worth. The question is just about the tie breaker where every auton win is worth 4 points instead of 1 which would be equivalent.