Why are my motors making a clicking noise

I just made a chained intake. After testing it, it started making a weird clicking noise whenever I turned the motor. Does anyone know why it is doing this, and if I need a motor replacement? (I really don’t want to replace it)


This is why you are a god.

One sprocket might be tighter than the other.

just replace the insert i had a similar problem and that fixed it

Is this clicking caused by the chain?

no, it is not caused by the chain, i already tested it.

have you tried switching out the motor cartridge to see if that fixes?
have you tried giving the motor a little grease? (I’ve found that screeching motors can usually be silenced using a bit of white lithium grease)

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Send a picture or a video

If you have your motors on brake type hold, they often create clicking noises to get back into place. What brake type hold does is it uses the encoders to measure if the motor has been moved without the motor spinning on purpose, and it goes back into place if that happens.


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