Why are Skills Scores Wrong?

Maybe this has been covered, but does anyone know why the skills scores are wrong? The sums are off by 1 or 2 points. Doesn’t matter much now, but it will when the top 50 are picked.

For instance, right now #2 - 86868 has a driver of 68, a programming of 50 and a sum of 117? This should be 118?
Another, #12 - 6135H has a driver of 61, a programming of 42 and a sum of 101? Should be 103?

Same thing for VexDB

I think, although this is partially a guess, that it’s their best programming skill, best driver skill, and best combined skill. I don’t think it combines your best of each skill, it’s whatever combination you got at a tournament.

From what I understand, VEXDB mirrors whatever is on Robot Events, so it will always be the same. I am not sure about the incorrect sums though. That would be a good question for Karthik maybe.

From my understanding when I talked with other EPs in VA at the start of the season, your highest skills score is based on one event. So if you got a 60 Driver and a 57 programming at one event, you’d have a score of 117. If at another event you get a 58, 58 is your highest programming skills score, but it’s gonna going to update your max combined. That combined skills score doesn’t change like that.

Combined Scores are not Superscored

Those are there highest scores ** *ALL * ** season but to combine them they need to be at the same competition.

This is what I believe is correct. One feature I’d like to see resurrected in the skills database is information on which events these scores were received. Perhaps a feature could be added on which event the highest combined score was received. That being said, it might be too much information!

This is correct. Teams are ranked based on their best Robot Skills score from a tournament. However, the max Driver and Programming skills scores are global maxes.

This is more of a UI issue on RobotEvents than anything, I’ve had multiple people ask me about why the scores don’t add up so I would probably suggest changing that table on RobotEvents to make it more clear.

This is shown on VexDB!

Yes and no, I mirror all the event’s skills scores for driver and programming, but calculate my own combined values for events. I also calculate my own global rankings (hence why they sometimes differ) so that scores appear in the list as soon as they’re run at the event without having to wait for events to get finalised (I don’t know if RE still has this delay, but it used to).

I appreciate you filling me in. I love your site and I thank you so much for the API. We love it so much and you have no idea how helpful it is when it comes to scouting.

Well, that was quick, the tables are now updated with better column labels.

The delay is based on when the Event Partner actually clicks the box in TM to finalize their event. The live scores that are posted during the day to the event pages don’t become “official” and enter the Global Rankings until the event is finalized by the EP. Some EPs do this immediately after the event, others take longer.