Why are you livestreaming?

Just recently, I’ve been seeing a GREAT increase in the amount of competitions livestreaming. Now, here’s a question; Although it’s cool to livestream, is it beneficial to livestream the robots in your region to the world? If competitions livestream their events, all it does is it makes the entire world be more competitive towards the specific region. All a livestream does at a competition is it makes the region even harder to have a chance of making it to Round Robins at worlds, which is not good if a team would like to even have a chance of winning. Please, I would highly suggest that competitions in their regions try to stop livestreming for the betterment of their own region. The livestreams are detreimental to the region, as well as the teams who work really hard are losing their benefits of the hard work they did. I am very sorry, but although it’s cool to livestream, it is not beneficial in practically any way to your region.
I hope everyone understands what I’m saying xD

  • [TVA]Connor

Alternatively, it helps everyone improve, so if everyone livestreams, it’s beneficial for raising the level of competition overall. Though, it may not be beneficial for that individual region. But with that logic, why even have this forum? I should stop helping my competition! Guess you got me. See you all never.

Going by this logic, guess we should all stop robots reveals as well.

That is the same problem too, but I am just giving my own opinion that live-streaming isn’t beneficial to your region. Yes, it increases competitiveness to the world, but It will not help your region succeed.

As what @Aponthis said - maybe we shouldn’t have this forum as well… since it is helping other regions to improve.

The counter point is it showcases the regions strength around the world increasing the likelihood of a team being picked at large events like worlds.

That is a good point…

That is also a good point.

That is, too, a good point…
These are legitimate responses that can help me learn about both ends regarding this topic. Thank you :smiley:

I’d say a difference between forum stuff and reveals is that a team chooses to do that, with a livestream not every team could be aware that their design is being shown to the world, personally I think live streaming is pretty cool. Just putting that out there

You sign a photo and video release when you do tournament paperwork. Also, most tournaments tell you on Robotevents it they are streaming.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that

We live-stream our events because we are aware that not everyone with an interest in the teams competing at an event is able to attend the event or that teams may have relatives in other states. I really don’t care (and neither do most of the teams in our state that I know of) whether the live-streaming is somehow not beneficial to our region. It is about the presentation of the event. One of the things I love about this program is that on the field the competition can be fierce, but away from the competition fields there is a sense of community, a sense of trying to help all competitors be better. At least it is that way here in Wisconsin, for the most part.

I have relatives that really enjoy watching our events when they are livestreamed. Thanks for streaming!

Live streams are also helpful for the parents of the team members who can’t make it to the event but want to watch.

Although it is possible live streams hurt a region, they help individual teams in that region make a name for themselves. They make other teams from the region who weren’t at the tournament see how they did and potentially remember that team next time they are picking during alliance selection.