Why aren't 4" wheels sold with high traction tires?


Why are the 4" wheels (P/N 276-1497) sold without the high traction tires (P/N 276-1489)?

At this point I don’t care if the price is additive but the standard tires get landfilled pretty immediately in our club.

Please help us save the environment and sell the 4" wheels with the grippy tires by default. :slight_smile:

I can think of some sayings like parts of a bull that are not necessary to describe the default tires over the 4" grippy ones.

Thanks for listening!

Simply because of the way things started. Originally there was only the old style of wheel, the traction kit was kind of an add on or after thought.

Now, yeah I agree it would be nice to see a kit sold right out, but I do still like being able to buy just the traction inserts, a lot of us (myself included) have a stack of the old wheels that could use the new inserts.

That being said, packaging alone a new product probably (actually certainly) adds cost and complexity regarding stock. It’s probably easier and better if things are kept simple for now.

I have a feeling that new versions of all the wheels will be on the way soon anyway. This is after seeing the new style of hub used on the new omni wheel. Just seems like the other wheels would get a similar treatment.


Many teams have found (observationally) that the normal 4" wheels actually have more resistance to being pushed sideways on the foam tiles than the so called “High Traction” tires. As far as I know no one has actually done a conclusive test on this, but I’m of the opinion that the stock tires are actually better.

EDIT: Just got shown this video which seems to indicate that the high traction tires are better, but that robot is extremely light compared to most competition robots, so it’s hard to know whether those results apply or not.