Why can't we, a VRC team, go to a tournament to just run skills?

And you could reprint the match list!!!


So in theory you could run an event with 1 qualification and an elimination and then do skills.
Which really violates the reason for no skills only tournaments and will make your local RSM unhappy. And most likely will cause rule X.Z.Y “Events must have at least 8 qualifying matches” in next years water game “Flippy Flop”.

I love skills, I love the removal of “We got paired with team 23 and my goodness, they dropped a square bot, not even a claw bot and wanted to play, who does that?!?” And let you strut your stuff. I kind of like it as a way to fill in slots for Regional/State level events. I never wish work on an RSM, so it’s an easy way to draw a line and fill from there.

But it’s competition robotics. Competing against robots with robots. Four robots doing who know what in 144 square feet. That’s the fun part. Get the most out of it.

I’m also up for helping teams be inspired. At last weeks WNA event, there was a robot there that was designed for skills. They came to Delmarva to run skills, and did well. They also were in the tournament and placed pretty well and I think walked with a judged award.

There is a team in VA that wanted chance to play one more time, mostly so they could skill into the VA champs. I offered a slot to them (great team, a great Girls program, so I’ll give them a chance). They may walk off with Delmarva awards, but we also get to see them in action and they can inspire my teams. But they need to play the event. (Storybook ending, a local event gave them a slot, saving them 2.5 hours in the car).

Too late to make a long story short. Find an event that has room, go do your skills thing, play in the tournament, win it, on top take excellence and go home happy.

Edited to add: show up to my event, run skills, bail out of my event without playing a qualification match and you’ll never play in my events again. You want to ditch elims with the “my robot is broken” clause, I had better see pieces, not robots. My local RSM may not like that, I’ll just go “It was a Robotevent glitz, they kept being deleted from registration, talk to Texas”


Yes. Everything said here is correct. I’d does however not apply to the situation at hand. Their robot simply cannot be there, and there are no other open comps. On an unrelated note, Jack has to eat a 36T gear if someone else beats him to 100pt prog score, per a bet on discord. I’d imagine he doesn’t want to do that.

I would love to compete. I, and our team, would much rather do both. But it isn’t possible in this situation. We cannot compete.

This isn’t possible for us. We were denied entry into all tournaments this particular weekend. Even our surrounding states didn’t have openings. The nearest open event is 114 miles away.

Can we please stay on topic here? We are not showing up and skipping matches. That is not an option on the table at all. I’m not sure how this topic has gotten so far off topic this quickly. That has never been an option. It’s been said twice already.


Sorry, I was doing line of posts editing, there was comments about an IQ team doing that. so I was commenting on that. I didn’t assume for one nano-second that you would do that. No disrespect intended.


It’s fine, I don’t think anyone here thinks that. I just don’t want this thread to continue with that topic, and for people to come in here, skim the posts and conclude we would matches intentionally.



I don’t think there is an option to only register for skills and not the tournament.
And in fact, it is more of a case of the team registered for a tournament, and there is a skills event that the team can take part in (i.e. tournament is mandatory, while events have the option to offer skills runs).

So by allowing you to only come for skills runs, that means your scheduled alliances will be playing without you?
There may be ways to “manually” remove your team in the generation of match schedules, but if the EP allows that to happen, then it is potentially opening up a floodgate for the rest of the teams to declare that they only want to be there for skills runs.

Don’t get me wrong - I am in the camp of skills-only events… but RECF has clearly stated the removal of skills-only events.
The reason given was that it was encouraging bad behaviours among some teams.

In any case, think many of us are truly curious (and wondering) - why is it that your robot can made it for skills runs but not for tournament matches?


The event is probably full

Still doesn’t make sense to me…
If he can make it for skills, then it means the team is registered for the tournament?
If he has not register or the event is already full, then he won’t be able to register for both tournament and skills. And the skills scores will not be official if the team is not registered.

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He’s saying why can’t he go to an event he hasn’t registered for just to run skills, like in vexU


The answer is as follows:
If he is registered for the event, then he can run skills, but is also obligated to participate in the qualifying matches. There is NO provision for a team registered for an event to run skills only and not be included in the match list. (And I would agree with above posts, a team the registers for the event, runs their skills matches and bails on the rest of the event, should be DQed from the event for unsportsmanlike conduct)
If he is NOT registered for the event, the Event Partner must set up a separate Skills-only Event as there must be some registered event for the Skills score to be counted. However, Skills only events are not allowed.


Our regional support manager is 100% correct in saying that this isn’t a thing, because it doesn’t exist. I’m asking why, as a conversation to possibly have this implemented. So far @244x has given the best answer as to why it is not currently an option.

@meng If I explained why, this topic would go wildy off topic, more than it already has.

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I’m not entirely sure, but I believe that at the tournaments I go to you can choose to just leave after qualifications and they won’t put you in the team list.


Think many of us here were just too eager to try to find a solution for your situation… and hence trying to find out the reason why you can’t go for the tournament.

But I guess all you want to do here is to have a discussion of why HS and MS are not allowed to go for just skills runs.

I don’t think there is any complicated reason why VexU are allow to just have skills runs.

Most of the time, you can’t get more than 16 VexU teams to form a proper regional or states tournament.
VexU teams generally suffer from a lack of tournaments for them to properly qualify for worlds.
And VexU teams can’t just join the HS and MS for tournament as well… they have a slightly different team setup - 2 robots per team, different robot restrictions, etc.

So for many of the VexU teams, the only way to qualify for worlds is by their skills ranking.

Hope this reasoning answers your question. :slight_smile:


Why cant you just do nothing during your driver matches, what’s the problem with doing that? You are technically participating in the match. Even if you dont do anything, then they cant bar you from skills



Do you even ethics bro?


Of course everybody will just love that they won’t have an alliance partner


Idea: just run skills between matches

they not be competing