Why did Vex make it's new bearings like this?

This may sound a bit unrelated, but I was wondering why Vex made its new bearings look like this. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any uses for the circular shaped bearing blocks. Does anyone know how you would incorporate these into your robot design?

Those are not a replacement to the existing bearing flats. These specifically house ball bearings, which can handle much higher loads with very low friction, making them well suited to something like a flywheel, but probably not worth it for most applications. The bearing flats, the rectangular ones you’re probably more familiar with, have higher friction under high loads, but are generally fine for the large majority of applications.


Im confused as too why they gave us round and square bore inserts.


shafts are square, screws are round.

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The screws in screw joints are supposed to be stationary. The ball bearings are supposed to turn. These two things should not belong together.


ball bearing on wheel, wheel on screw joint.

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Yes however the round one is more ideal for less friction at low load as the shaft can move independently of the bearing. Using the square one means the shaft is constantly turing the bearing thus increasing friction.