Why didn't you make it to worlds?

So this year I didn’t make it to worlds. I would like to tell why and figure out why others didn’t either.

My story: On Friday night we had a terrible judges review and not to mention we didn’t even use all of the runs for skills. on Saturday we had 7 of our teammates disconnect or break within seconds of the match. 1 match we had another robot on top of us. & our last match we lost by 1 point.

Note: This isn’t a mean to make fun of anyone and their bots. If you made it to worlds good on you ; however, I would like to hear about others with the same luck as me.

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Lol I didn’t even make it to states. Although I do reside in one of the most competitive regions on the planet…

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Come visit Ohio, where our Skills list is quickly morphing into Global Skills! (Or at least the Midwest.)

I didn’t even get to State he Side I had to deal with some random tech issues, which tanked my quals, and then dealt with some really OP teams. (Looking at you 6008 and 2011!)

What about PA, I made it to states finals but then lost to two great teams. Really sad :disappointed:. If only finalists qualified for worlds. There is always next year I guess?

Nope. (well not in VRC at least)

Before eliminations at provincials we were 1st place for about half an hour, then we crossed the line in auton twice (oops). In our final match before elims our alliance fell over in auton so we flip them back up when nobody though we could, but then they DC and we are stuck in a 2v1. We ended up 11th before elims and all of the top teams picked eachother… we lost first round of elims.

Most of my HS teams - Didn’t come in early enough or work enough in the season to really outshine the top tier teams.

Other HS team - worked really hard, grinding out skills auton to try to get in the top. Didn’t work out. Peaked out at 22 driver, and 7 programming. The main driver for whatever reason only drove once and let the other person do so. Their programming skills was inconsistent and relied on a lot of luck, and they weren’t ready to tackle PID and other programming concepts as they were new coders. Also in matches they had bad breaks and just suffered some close losses.

MS Team 1 - Partner decided to flip caps leaving them as the only flag bot in a 2 v 1. Also missed their 1st 3 shots and just didn’t shoot well. Inconsistent auto, lost out on design but our State is arguably the toughest state to win the Design Award in. Programming skills too low to make it to worlds.

MS Team 2 - Joked around too much all season, didn’t have a great robot and no auton.

we didn’t qualify because me and my team made a lot of mistakes, had some personal issues, and had a few bad partners in the qualifiers.

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In semifinals and finals our intake arm chain broke, resulting in our intake being blocked and unable to operate. It wasnt until the next monday when I adjusted the stopper, which had deformed into the sprocket and was snapping the chain.

I’m guessing your from Cali, #metoo

I didn’t get picked as a finalist for 2 online challenges i made good entries for. A week later, I went to states, where the judges rudely rushed through our interview and cut it short because we were queuing for a match (the tournament was running a tight schedule, so we could not find enough time for a full interview). We didn’t get to do skills at states because we were in line when skills closed, and they wouldn’t let us do it. We then didn’t get on an alliance because the EP decided to do 8 alliances despite having 32 teams.


I didn’t make it to worlds, and while some of it was bad luck, I think it’s important to look inward. I had a very difficult schedule where we went against 2 different teams that had won signature events and were then finalists, and had only one teammate with a winning record. I also got suspiciously tipped when ahead in the quarterfinals. Even so I doubt I would have beaten 448 and 6627 in the next round anyway (unless they got unfairly disqualified for pinning lol). I could curse my luck, and I do think my robot had a real shot of qualifying, but I can see the weaknesses in my bot that made qualifying not a guarantee. I started building too late and didn’t give my driver enough time, and I didn’t give my programmer enough time and sensors to make a good back auton. All I can do now is tune and practice, and try to do my best at the U.S. Open. I think sometimes that’s all you can do.

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Didn’t even make it to states. Two out of the three tournaments we were supposed to attend were snowed out.
The first one was coming off of a 2-week rebuild, and I didn’t have time to practice, tune, or even program and test auton! Fun times.

It was a really tough year in Washington. Historically-high snowfalls caused the cancellation of lots of tournaments, both VRC and VIQC. I hope you get to play again next year.

My advice to teams is to attend at least one event before Christmas, and preferably two. Bad things can happen after the first of the year, but if you have already qualified for State, they won’t hurt as much.


@Rick_TYler yeah I know it was rough for everyone. It was not as bad for my school, because two additional teams from our group got to go because they had to rely on skills scores to fill spots. Sadly, I am a senior this year…sooooo I guess I’ll have to start a club at UW or USAFA. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

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At the Virginia state finals my robot’s autonomous failed to score any points, and managed to tip off the center park in the last second, making us lose 14 to 11.

I watched that match, it was very impressive, it was one of the most exciting matches in the semis/finals.

Take heart, in HS all of the Semifinalists (8 teams) in EPA got asked to Worlds.

That was a tough match our intake broke and alliance didn’t do much. That was the scariest match of the season.

They were preoccupied with blocking us from shooting- I’m pretty sure that’s what won you the match. It was some amazing defense.

We won three of our 6 matches at state, one match it was our fault because we forgot to plug in our power expander. The other two matches we were not able to compete with the v5 bots. Being an underfunded team with only 9 v4 motors for the entire season, this was really tough becuase we could only have a six motor base, a two motor cata, and a one motor intake.