Why didn't you make it to worlds?

We were 1 of 10 total teams in our region that actually qualled for state. And we flopped hard for the first half of the tournament.

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100% most of the teams here lost because of bo1


If they made it to elims they did. But if a clawbot caused them to be in last place, that’s not the case…

We did a big sad at the beginning of our season, but somehow got design award. This prompted us to slack of a TON throughout the season.
Also we were too invested on design/gameplay flexibility which caused us to spread ourselves far too thin. First match, we ran our auton to shoot the flags. The field was brand new, so the ball we shot just straight up bounced off. The flag didn’t budge.

Really?Thank You so much! I really appreciate it. 80p and 90f really dominated us and 80e though, also what team are you on, and are you ms or hs?

@Foster is on all teams, and in all grade levels. Foster is omnipresent and omnipotent. Foster does not need an autonomous bonus.


Foster is an autonomous bonus.


we lost in the quarterfinals because our alliance disconnected 10 seconds into the match and it was a 2v1 for the remainder. We lost 20 to 14. So if you look deep down, you will find the underlying problem… Bo1. But seriously if that didn’t happen we probably would have had a close match in the finals, and if we lost that, it would be because of our inconsistent autonomous.

We got create award instead of design award, so we didn’t make it to worlds. Our remotes kept disconnecting from the brain in matches, and then in one match our battery didn’t get plugged in fully.

Lol, I know the one point pain. Our Team was one point away from a worlds qualification. I’ve been thinking allot about it and I think it just boils down to how much work and passion you put into your robot throughout the season. I know for a fact that I didn’t put the amount of work that I could have into my robot. If you’re serious about wanting to go to worlds, I suggest you analyze what you did well and could have done better. Improving based on honest self criticism is one of the most sure fire ways to quickly gain positive results.