Why do the cubes become crooked inside our tray?

Hello my team has problems intaking our cubes. When we intake the cube becomes crooked and the cubes start to fall our of our trey. We tried putting rails but the rails don’t really do anything. I would appreciate any help you could give us. Thanks!

oh and we use a treybot

I don’t really understand what you’re saying. Could you post a picture of what’s happening?

How much spacing is in your tray? Like how many holes apart are the 2 sides of the tray? Because the more space you have the easier the cubes will rotate and get stuck.

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If my interpretation of your post is correct, I believe what is happening is that there is a gap between the two sides of the tray. To solve this issue, use lexan backing. Once you run out of lexan, use long zip-ties.


@7035 a picture would be great because a cube can rotate in many ways. Please be specific to how it is rotating, because then we can help you find a solution.

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I think that is 12 holes on all 3 trays.

It rotates completely vertical, like the corner of the cube is facing down

no sorry because i am not where the robot is

Ok, my team was having this issue a while back, and to fix it we reduced the space between the sides, and added lexan to the back to prevent any turning. We also reduced the space between the intakes, and that helped a lot. One way that the cubes could be rotating is actually caused by the intake system. Depending on the angle if the intakes (assuming you have a roller intake with treads) the cube that was taken into the tray will constantly be hitting the back of the intake when you are rolling it. This causes the cube to start to rotate. So in general, you should try to reduce the spacing of your tray, and check your intake.

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