Why do you work on vex?

Why do you work on vex? Why not something elts? Please post and do the poll.
If you have a question please ask!

because i love robotics. simply that.

because its awsome to build somthing that can do crazy things!!!


I actually do do other robotics. I’m on the FRC team 365 and do battlebots in addition to VEX.

I do it because it was a club in my high school and it sounded interesting, but it is also very fun to go to different events and competitions!:smiley:

To feel the energy in a FIRST competition is amazing. Even if you’re not competeing or your robot was a disaster it is amazing just to be there with everyone else.

I do VEX because it challenges my mind and it is really fun

I do it because its fun to build and program bots:D

I am going to try to get into a high school that uses vex robotics. It would be nice, work on robotics at home and at school!:smiley:

Or just go to any high school and start a team. My high school had no team so a friend and I started ours. Most high schools will probably be supportive of FVC as it’s educational in nature.

I could also try that!

  1. Because it is real fun, and cool to create with Software as well as Hardware… Because it is a Reasonable Price (anybody seen the Heath Hero I??)

  2. I do programming on other types of Control Systems as well… Just none are as quiet Cool as the Vex (or the FRC Robots)

because you get to build some freeking awsome things