Why does iq and VRC have Dirent awards

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VEX IQ and VRC Do not have the same awards the following awards are offered for VRC but not Vex IQ.
Innovate Award
Teamwork Award
Service Award
Educate Award
Future Award
Community Award
Promote Award
Invent Award
There is no awards that vex iq offers that VRC Doesn’t

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…Um, okay? Here is a link to the awards criteria.

You will see that several of your statements no longer apply, including:

  • Teamwork, Educate, and Future were axed for really not being used.
  • Invent was axed a couple years ago. I don’t have the specific year on me (I want to say its last year was In The Zone, but I’m not sure?), but I know it was transitioned out during my tenure in VEX
  • Innovate has a different meaning, but exists in both VEX IQ and VRC.
  • The Service Award relies on sharing resources/knowledge not only to the teams at Worlds, but also through helping out at local VEX events. This is easier to acknowledge at the VRC level than the VEX IQ level.

And there are a few extra items outside of that.

  • The Promote Award and Community Awards are both Online Challenges. There is a specific Promote Award for both VEX IQ and VRC.
  • However, VEX IQ submissions are not allowed for the Community Award Online Challenge. If you look at the criteria, it looks more like contributions that a team makes in the STEM field. In VEX IQ, elementary school kids most likely aren’t going to reach out support other programs (the mentors might force the team, but it wouldn’t be the kids taking charge), so it is probably blocked for VEX IQ for that reason.
  • As mentioned by @vrc , the STEM challenge doesn’t exist in VRC.
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Thank you for opneing my eyes i will cortet the post

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