Why does my Controller have the battery symbol

Why does my controller have the battery symbol no matter what I do? I didn’t drop them or hit them, and whatever button I press nothing happens… helpimage

I tried connecting it to my computer, doesnt work

There is a hole on the back of the controller use a screwdriver or other thin object to press the button in the hole. This is a soft reset and the controller should return to normal. V5 controllers tend to do this at the most inopportune times for no reason.

Which one?image

The one in the middle. Sorry i did not realize there were that many holes.


Thank you so much, I freaked out because I thought it wouldn’t get fixed, thank you

I always carry a screw driver with me for this reason at comps. I have reset I think 7 or 8 controllers in one comp before.


using a shoelace aglet works as well. I use mine quite often.


Yeah the finalists had to do that at NATM yesterday. Really any object that is thin will work. you could probably use tape and a thin object to create your own button if you really wanted to.


:grinning: ok guys thanks for the tips!

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