Why does my program consistently restart after 5 seconds?

As the title says, we have recently been having issues with the program restarting 5 seconds after downloading. The controller loses the connection, the red backlight comes on with the standard “robot disconnected” error, it reconnects, and the program begins again. Is there something I’m doing to cause this or is this a bug. Should I be worried about this in competition? We are using v5 with VEXCode Text.

more details, cortex, V5 ? How are you downloading ? Which red light ?

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I have added a few details. Unfortunately, I can’t really find much that I can include for details since I’m not quite sure what triggers it. I do know that switching enable/disable on the competition switch also triggers it occasionally but it’s not as consistent. This problem is consistently happening with every download+run.

I’ll have to make some assumptions.

I assume you are downloading wirelessly through the controller, you didn’t say.
When you download through the controller, it will switch to a different radio channel that allows faster downloads, if you were then to disconnect the USB cable, the controller will switch back to a normal radio channel after a 10 second delay, my guess is that’s what you are seeing.
Either leave the USB connected, or just wait the 10 seconds before starting the program.


Interesting. Indeed, I am downloading wirelessly through the controller but I am not unplugging the USB. Now that I look at it again, the download does seem to take about 5 seconds or so. It often takes more than one download attempt to download properly. Is it possible that it is having trouble connecting on the download channel? Although the radio is visible, it does have metal about 3 inches away that could be interfering. Is line-of-sight not enough clearance?

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