Why does my robot wait two seconds before the driver controls will start working?

The robot always waits 2 seconds before the wheels are able to move in Driver mode. The other buttons work, just not the wheels right away.

The team is using VEX Block to program. Very confused.

Thanks for any help.

As always with code questions seeing the code would really, really help.

Sorry about that. I have attached three pictures of the Driver Code and Autonomous Code.Driver Code|690x463 Auto Part 1 Auto Part 2

I have this problem as well, our theory is that it takes a little time to set all the brake types and velocity things. (may not be true)

Weird, that doesn’t happen to me in vexcode text. My theory is that VEX put a handicap on teams who use blocks lol.


This is a weird problem, I use VEX Code Text so I do not know much about VEX Block. How much time does your auton use?

This issue happens to us sometimes, but it’s not 2 seconds and it doesn’t always happen, usually a second max

It might be better if your put all of those “set brake types and velocity’s” at the end of your auton. But they should not use time.

The problem is in the Driver mode. It does not start for two seconds.
I can’t seem to find a reason.

Probably gyro or IMU calibration, send me the program file and I will have a look.


I don’t know then. Good luck!

I had this problem when I never had a gyro calibration during the whenStarted mode. It would do the calibration when the program was opened onto the driver mode.

Driver Code

Ok, thanks, but can you send me the actual program file so I can load it onto a V5 and see what’s happening.

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does it happen with a competition switch? because I had that issue when using the controller but not with the switch since it then runs the pre auto functions

We use PROS and have this same issue. We think that it is time for the gyro/inertial sensor to calibrate.