Why does my RobotC code goes away when I put a VexIq Code

I had some robotC codes on my robot brain but then it got removed when I downloaded a VexIq code one.

They both use different systems to store programs. Is there a reason you would need both on there at the same time?

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Well I needed both RobotC and VexIq code becouse I think programing driver control is easier in RobotC and Vex code is for autonomous.

ROBOTC uses a custom firmware system as one giant user program on the VEX IQ brain. User written code is then stored within this giant user program and presented through its own file selector. The two “catalog” slots on the main brain are for either Autonomous projects (will not wait until a Controller is connected before running the code) and Tele-op projects (will not run code until a Controller is connected) - but both point to the same listing of files.

VEXcode IQ generates individual user programs and occupies an entire slot on the VEX IQ brain, which will cause the ROBOTC custom firmware to be overwritten.

There’s no way to have both VEXcode IQ and ROBOTC coexist on the same IQ Brain at the same time.


Do you think vexCode IQ will implement a system like that of RobotC’s to make it possible to hold more programs?

More than 4 programs ? No.


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