Why does SG5 C exist?

SG5 C states:

“c. Any extensions or combinations of extensions above 18” must fit within a vertical cylinder 2” in diameter.”

And max vertical height of the bot is 24".

Why isn’t there just an 18 inch vertical expansion limit?
What could possibly be built that could be useful in this 2×6 inch space of vertical expansion?


so the robot can never be bigger than 18 * 18 *24???

But the C section of SG5 states that the only expansions need to fit in a cylinder that 2" in diameter. From what I can think of, this seems useless cause of how limited this is.


This is likely to prevent blocking. Spin Up is an offensive game (stated in manual). Being able to block with a 24” tall wall would be no fun would it?
Basically, you’re allowed to be tall enough to hit the rollers, but you just can’t go around blocking shots like an NBA player.
If you block it with your stick that’s great, but go spend some time trying to score for yourself instead of stopping the opposition.

“The best defense is more offense”


Horizontal extensions are allowed during endgame.

I guess I’m really trying to ask why isnt there an 18" vertical expansion limit rather than a 24" with extremely restrictive restrictions?

How would a 2" diameter stick ever be useful in this game?

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If you are doing a strategy where you need a sensor on top of the roller


Like an optical sensor looking down, so you can see the active color

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My best guess is similar to @Golf - it is really to prevent blocking.
But maybe at the same time GDC didn’t want to rule out scoring options like maybe teams that will do a linear slide up 24” and then some how “toss” the disc over to the goal?


High fives??

In all honesty I don’t know, I frequently forget how low the rollers actually are and how you don’t need to extend for them.

I’ll just give the mentor-ish answer and say “this is for you to figure out. I don’t know the answer right now, but as the season develops we’ll get to see how this expansion limit develops and is utilized in robots”
Badda bing badda boom

What @meng said is the closest thing I can currently think of. Actually I can think of one more but it can be used against me and I don’t like that so it’s staying a secret


Seems very unrealistic to do this in a 2” diameter limit. Especially considering how much faster shooting them is bound to be.

I’m with the op on this one, I cannot fathom what purpose the gdc had in mind for this oddly specific and limiting restriction.


I wholly agree with this. I have been racking my brain and my teams brain and my coaches brains for why this exists. Its too small to effectively be blocking device. You can’t extend in the low goal zones so there no descoring options with that.

I also don’t know why it must be “in diameter” what circular object fits up there? If it was a 2" cubed space I could see uses but a circle seems unrealistic.

This makes 0 sense when visualized

Quickly made this in tinker cad. These should be the right “dimensions”


My guess is that its to allow a vertical slide with a grippy bit to be used to spin rollers while still making sure that any blocking is minimized. I can also theorize a part of a launcher that can move up and down for aiming sticking up over the 18" limit. The intention seems to be to not penalize teams for small bits poking up.

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You can deflect the opponents disks

Look at Figure 17. This vertical expansion rule would allow the stick that is claiming the additional square to stand up vertically until the end game, at which point it is allowed to rotate down to claim an additional tile.


probably not gonna be allowed similar to FRC rapid react cargo blocking

You could still make a small blocker

Prevents blocking, also a possible part for endgame that extends vertically then gets tipped down to score more points