Why does VEX code V5 text mark so many things wrong?

My team is currently touching up on our autonomous and driver control codes, since we didn’t do as well as we hoped in our most recent competition. While coding we realized, the system is marking many errors that should be considered correct. I’d understand it being spelling related but everything seems to be in order. It isn’t recognizing the most basic commands such as ‘reverse’ and ‘forward’. We have tried and compiling the program and looking for any problem but it looks great. Any Ideas?

Idea 1: Close VexCode out and then open it again.
Idea 2: See what the error message is and try and fix it.
Idea 3: Post your code if you can’t figure out the problem and maybe we can help figure it out.

Edit: If you choose to, remember to put the code in [code] ... [/code] tags so the forum displays it as code.


I have had quite a few issues of the IDE incorrectly flagging errors. A quick restart of the application will fix it or just a new build of the program should as well.

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