Why don't the make different angle standoffs

I realized that when I was building my expansion it would have been much easier if I had a standoff that can go at a 90-degree angle. If anyone has any ideas please tell me.

Not sure if I’m misunderstanding this, but a way to do that could be to use shaft collars with the double sided screw in order to connect a standoff in different ways sorta.


I never thought of that thanks @Ayaan7996F

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Fun fact…

Standoff + shaft collar - set screw = angles!

You can make all sorts of stuff like this. It’s not structurally amazing, and they’re a pain to tighten, but it’s fun!


What we do, I’m not sure if this is the same thing, is we have a standoff with a screw going through a shaft collar into it.

We hold on our flywheel using about 5 of these and a bunch of spacers.