Why DRow?

How is this a good thing?

Every community is different, so I will not even try to generalize to other communities (and neither should you).

In this community at least, Discord is absolutely not one step ahead of the Forum. Discord is for real-time chat; the forum is for archival of information for long-term availability. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, but neither is inherently “one step ahead of” the other.

Discord has a search feature which works really well, and I find it just as easy to search on discord as on this forum. You can message anyone within seconds for help, and you can find just as accurate responses quicker via discord. The high density of competitive teams make it possible to get fast and reliable answers, and if you are suspicious with an answer give it a little bit more time and you can get multiple responses that have an accurate answer to your question.

Not everyone is willing to announce all of their designs and strategies because people would know of it and use that knowledge of the team willing to share the information. A good example can be seen with 574C’s puncher 574C Turning Point Linear Puncher Tutorial If they hadn’t made a post on the internet/VEXForum that shows specifically how to make their puncher, I doubt that many would’ve been as far in the season as they are.

I wish I can agree, but considering that discord is real-time it will always be one step ahead, regardless if anyone likes it or not. The immediate-response type of aura from the Unofficial VEX Discord Servers makes it easier and more acceptable than VEXForum as it mimics an interactive chatroom, but as a group of thousands of VEX people that can be reached within seconds. The fact that you can reach out to so many people in such a short amount of time makes discussion quicker and more productive. Many of the things I have learned on Discord surpasses the information you can learn on this forum, simply because that you can get immediate responses from even the most competitive. Yes, this forum is an archieve of information and we do reference this forum for information lots of times, but in terms of the latest and best the Discord servers that are made for VEX teams to talk and collaborate will always win compared to a forum.


What you often find is broken conversation scattered with kids joking around. Its kinda garbage.

The best thing is knowing who to ask questions of and sending them a PM. I will readily admit that sometime you get a faster response from knowledgeable people there doing this. It’s also easy to go back and look at that.

Although I’ve encouraged my kids to join our state’s smaller discord because there are several teams that can answer questions, the value of the big discord is a bit dubious as far as a resource.

Its great i suppose if you just want to meme it up with people of similar interests or make fun of people you don’t like on the forums :wink:


Maybe or maybe not. There are teams that have had punchers before. OTOH, that tutorial is what makes 574C a great team. They are making “all boats rise”, which is what we are after. I tell my teams: “Look at other robots, don’t clone, but improve on what you see.”


And today I learned (or as we say in (1337: TIL) that I’m a semi-popular target on the “Discords” (Ohh so much feeling like saying “the interwebs” or “the tubes”. Where is Ted Stevens when you need him??). Now I really miss the “That Moment When” thread where I could have posted

That moment when you learn you are being trashed in the 'cords and respond ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


haha… oh well… I don’t even dare to know what’s happening (or am I semi-popular or fully popular target) over at discords.
I just let my kids have their time there :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes, ignorance is really bliss. lol…


I could be crowned the king of scorne.

It’s funny to be trashed talked in the General chat and spoke to in private with such respect.


I’ll have to find a link to that Discord. (Unless I can get one here…?) I’m sure I’m probably being mentioned a couple of times. Maybe. Or I’m not as well-known as I’d like to think.


^^^ Discalimer: I got an invite. Thanks, @Sylvie !
Edit: fmajadd9 talked about it. Sorry. I didn’t fact check. (The one time!!!)

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I gave that link to you


This is the modern day version of trash talking teachers you don’t like. Ignorance is bliss. Back in my day, we played outside. Now some spend their time trashing people they don’t know on chat boards.

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Every time I see something on youtube i try to replicate it and then modifie for my robot after all i have no choice because i suck at copying :woman_shrugging:

Please watch your topic, this thread has gotten off of it. If you would like to talk about the discord, do it on the discord or on another thread.

I like the irony of complaining about off topic posts in a thread that was made to complain about another thread being locked for off topic posts,


This response makes my head hurt.


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Guys please stop replying to this post, it was answered weeks ago. If you want to talk about something, don’t do it here.


I’d rather talk about the Discord here since there are over 200 reference to me in Discord. I just want to balance out the Discord to VEX comment ratio.

It’s that entire Karma thing.

DROW for GDC!!


I’m against locking threads in response to arguments or off topic discussion, but I am also against pointless yammering like the original post which was locked. I don’t think the world really loses anything by more replies existing in this already meaningless thread. It would also be a nice poetic end for this thread to also be locked for off topic discussion.

So. Why do people choose discord? I never really understood why people used snapchat when it adds zero functionality to the myriad other methods of communication, but I can be a bit of a curmudgeonly old man for 26.