Why is My Brain Not Connecting to My Computer in VexCode?

My brain isn’t connecting to the computer (it isn’t turning green, and it isn’t giving me the option to download the code to the brain.)

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Is it plugged in? Is the brain turned on?

Is it a school computer or is it your personal machine? Sometimes schools block usb ports.

Assuming the solutions posted above mine don’t work, try using a different Micro USB cable. Some cables transfer power, some of them transfer data, and others can do both. A possible problem you might be facing is that your cable does not support data transfer.

You can see if it is the cable that is at fault if it works with the same computer, but a different brain.

If you are using a Windows machine, check to see if the drivers were properly installed.

The computer was my school chromebook, but I had downloaded many other codes using that computer and the same USB drive.

it could be that the port on the brain’s port is broken off of the board. in that case, you may have to send it to vex to have it fixed.

Good idea. Last time I was at Robotics, my coach replaced the brain cord, so I’ll try it again today.

I’m assuming you are using a downloaded version of VEXCode.

Did you try using the online version of VEXCode? codev5.vex.com If that works, then you have a working USB port.

If not, then maybe you have a driver issue with the downloaded version.