Why is my controller when code is running saying that the brain battery is dead (at 00%)

When my teams starts a code on our controller it tells us the brain is at 00% battery. We have tried switching the controller multiple times. Switching the code multiple times but the same thing happens. Why is this?

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Can you show me a picture? I have never had this problem but I am interested!

Will do as soon as possible (which will probably be Monday).

This could be related to your other topic. If the brain and battery are not communicating due to a bad brain connector, then it will not know the battery capacity and may report zero to the controller. however, one other thing to do is make sure all firmware is up to date.


Update, we moved the brain because in my other post our brain kept shutting off because of static shock we think. But now the controller is not saying 00% it is saying the real battery level. Same Battery, Same cable, just the brain moved