Why is my motor not holding still?

One of my lift motors is not holding the shaft still or something like that? Can someone provide a solution?

The first one is the one with the problem. The second one is what we’re trying to achieve for the first one. The first one is going up but it is not holding it in place as it is just going back down.


Your motor is being turned off and isn’t powering itself to hold its position, meaning the weight of the lift pulls it down a bit. Try adding motor.stop(brakeType::hold);, that’ll continually power your motor to hold its position. Also, double check nothing else is pushing your lift down as I noticed the right side is higher than the left after release.


This is because two buttons are used instead of one to run the two motors. This makes them un-even. I tried to code them onto the same button but I ran into more trouble making it not worth it for now. I am using the block based code, is there a way to do that in blocks?

If you have a method to code two motors onto one button easily please tell me. I was able to do it but it caused random motor problems.


Yup. Can you post what you have so far?

I am unfamiliar with blocks, but I do know that braking should work the same way. You might need to find the block equivalent to motor.setBrake and set it to hold before actually braking.

The traditional controlling method for multiple motors under one button is that, in a while loop, check if the button is pressing. If it is, set both motors to spin. if it isn’t being pressed, brake.

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if (button pressed) {
armMoterleft spin;
armMoterright spin;

Thanks for your help. I got it. There is a block which is like set motor to hold or something like that.

Thanks again

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