Why is my teams Robot motors locking up?

For some reason, my teams V5 6:1 gear ratio motors are locking up, can I please get help?

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This is probably a build problem, what are the motors powering?

4 motors are powering 4 wheels

Okay this is going to be hard to locate, do your shaft collars have the long screw inserts that stick out?
Edit: Also are the wheels linked together via gears or sprockets?

Our mortors connect directly: motor to axle to wheel

So the motors are not linked together at all? If so do the wheels move when the robot is picked up off the field?

hi this is the designer of the team. we have 4 motors,2 on the left and 2 on the right they all go from motor to axel to wheels the motors are also 6:1 gear ratio we can use our robot for about a minute before the motors overheat and lock up our question is what can we do to fix this problem

So your robot is direct drive at 600 rpm? This is way faster then you want for competition and is probably why your motors are burning out. I would switch to the 200rpm cartridges.

Also, share a picture of your robot. Always do that, so that we can give you more specific feedback.

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Pictures like AperatureLabs mentioned would be helpful. A more detailed description would definitely get you more help/advice as well.
Are the motors slowing down/“locking up” after you do some driving? Can you power them manually through the V5 Brain’s Devices tab? Can you turn the axle the motor drives manually?

In my experience, if the motor just stops and can’t be powered through the V5 brain, then you might have a bad wire or the motor’s been fried by ESD.
If you’re not able to turn the axle manually, you might have just jammed up the motor, through whatever you’re powering being jammed up or your sheer engineering prowess somehow doing something to the motor’s mechanical components. Try taking off the motor and turn it manually, or like me last year take it apart, put it back together and miraculously see it work again.
If they’re just ‘locking up’ after some time driving then you’ve just been using them too much - give them a break; as with pretty much any motor if you use them enough they’ll over heat. If they’re overheating too quickly then youre putting too much stress on them - soncider the weight of the root, the gear cartridge of the motor, or even, how many motor’s you’re using.

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Well bois we found the issue.
The motors lock up when they overheat I’m pretty sure. Just let it rest.
Also use 200 rpm 600 rpm Is way too fast

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