Why is my turn PID doing this?

I have started to put together a turn PID using an inertial sensor and the help of a member of a sister team. It works kind of consistently. However, the second turn is rough. For some reason, if I have two turns separated by a movement forward that are in opposite directions, the second turn moves in the first turn’s direction briefly before turning to the desired destination. Why would it be doing this? The PID is shown below. Thanks!
(NB, I’m using MiniPID as a base for my code, especially considering I’m only a freshman and am still only learning geometry as such.)

MiniPID tpid = MiniPID(.06, .02 ,.01);

void turnpid(double ang){
double currunte = spinnyDetectorBoi.rotation();
double out = 0;
double error = fabs(ang-currunte);
while (fabs(ang-currunte) > 2 ){
out = 5*tpid.getOutput(currunte, ang);
LFDrive.spin(fwd, out, velocityUnits::rpm);
RFDrive.spin(fwd, -out, velocityUnits::rpm);
LBDrive.spin(fwd, out, velocityUnits::rpm);
RBDrive.spin(fwd, -out, velocityUnits::rpm);
currunte = spinnyDetectorBoi.rotation();
wait(6, msec);
wait(100, msec);

Figured it out. I don’t need an I value. Oops!