Why is tank control faster than arcade, and how to fix it

So when I drove my robot, I noticed that when I used tank control, it was significantly faster than arcade control. Can anyone help?

Alright so I think you’re on V5, since I noticed something similar. When you push the controller diagonally (on arcade), the input command value is 200, compared to the 100 when you just push it straight up or in any other cardinal direction, and so this returns with a higher motor output. However since you only have 1 joystick controlling movement, you can only get the higher motor output when turning.

Now if you do this with tank, where you have 2 joysticks, you should be able to give them both a 200 motor input and go forward. So the solution would be to remap what each joystick value translate into as motor output (so having like 100 and up on the joystick giving the highest motor output, rather than just 200 giving that same output).

Can you send an example code of this? Sorry for the inconvenience

You probably need to post your arcade and tank drive code sections for us to look at. Both styles of control should have the same straight line speed if they’re written correctly.

actually, i was able to figure it out. Thanks for the help tho! @John TYler , @Reyro Fidelofish .

actually, i was able to figure it out. Thanks for the help tho! @John TYler , @Reyro Fidelofish

and it posted twice


To help people who encounter the same problem in the future, would you mind a brief explanation of the fix?

Edit: that is, if the reply marked “Answer” isn’t the actual answer or if you did anything else as well.

For arcade (non split) remove


from the LeftMotor and RightMotor spin commands.