Why is the Field Kit short several objects?

We were reading through “Appendix A- Game Field” today, and found a slight problem. This is what’s listed as the contents of a complete field kit.

276-2728 ALL Official VEX Toss Up Field & Game Objects

(1) Bump Assembly
(1) Barrier Assembly
(2) Goal Assemblies
(2) Hanging Bar Assemblies
(1) Roll 2" Wide Red Tape
(1) Roll 2" Wide Blue Tape
(1) Roll 3/4" Wide White Tape
(10) Red and (10) Blue BuckyBalls
(2) Red and (2) Blue Large Balls
(20) Red & (20) Blue Robot Identification Flags
All necessary assembly hardware

Total Price $499.99

A VEX Toss Up Field has four of each large ball on it. At the moment, this kit does not include all of the necessary elements to play a full game. I assume this is an oversight, but we felt it was worth asking if we actually needed to buy this and two Object Kits in order to run a match.


This is an error in our PDF documentation.
The correct information is listed directly on the 276-2728 product page:

We will correct the discrepancy ASAP.
Thanks for letting us know.


Awesome, thanks. We assumed it was just a typo, but wanted to make sure before ordering our field for the year.