Why is the GDC blocking questions prior to a game manual update?

The official Q&A was recently closed. Would have been nice to get a warning about it beforehand, but that’s in the past.

As with last year, the Worlds Drivers Meeting is now pre-recorded with pre-screened approved questions being asked and answered. This is a significant departure from the live Drivers Meeting of pre-covid worlds where students could stand in line and ask the GDC chair questions directly. (side note: the Open Forum session where students and mentors had the chance to ask GDC and RECF leadership questions directly is also gone… @DanMantz).

The due date for these questions is Friday, March 24th. However, the 4.0 game manual update with potentially “critical gameplay or rule clarifications pertaining specifically to the VEX Robotics World Championship” happens almost 2 weeks after this point, on April 4th.

This means that there will be no opportunity for any questions or clarifications to be asked about this critical game manual update.

I ask that the GDC reverse this decision and open up the Drivers Meeting question submission deadline to April 7th or later to allow for teams to seek clarification on the changes as necessary.

@Grant_Cox @VEX_GDC


I think you have it in reverse, the deadline of March 24 is so the last game questions may be included in April 4th.

I do agree if the rules changes are significant, say strings are required to be a specific color or length, and that no hard material used as projectiles unless encapsulated with VEX™ approved foam material… :slight_smile: maybe that really warrants a whole new Q&A.


This is a casualty of the new VEX Worlds format. There isn’t a time in the schedule to really do this anymore. It’s also why the Girl Powered event is now during the competition day (it was right after the Open Forum session at previous VEX Worlds).

I do answer questions at the EP Lunch during VEX Worlds and we have added multiple Town Halls during the season for me to answer questions.

And honestly, 90% of the questions asked at the Open Forum were directed at VEX anyway. I was always asked about not having enough events, providing Judges feedback and Leagues.

As always, feel free to tag me with questions on the VEX Forum. This is a very busy time of the year for the REC Foundation but I will try to respond when I can.



That’s pretty fair. I guess I just like the opportunity to meet in person and shake hands at worlds, it’s a much more personal connection than text questions on a livestream. That said, it was a pleasure to talk with you in person earlier this season in Arizona. Hopefully you can make it out here again soon!

Your activity here on the forum is much appreciated. Thank you Dan.