Why is the VEX Website Lying to Me About Delivery Time?

Disclaimer: despite the charged words in the title, this post is not that serious at all, nor am I genuinely upset at VEX. I actually don’t really care that much about this, it’s just something pretty funny I noticed.

Not sure if another post has been made on this yet, but whenever I place an order on vexrobotics.com, and I am given the ability to track my order once it ships, the delivery date on the VEX website has always contradicted the estimated delivery date given by FedEx. In fact, this can be reproduced on every order because what each delivery date on VEX has in common is it is always the FedEx estimated delivery date minus one day. So, if I have an order arriving on September 15 according to VEX, I can confidently say that my order will actually arrive on the 16th assuming FedEx has no hiccups along the way. There was even one instance where FedEx suddenly changed the delivery time to the end of the day, and VEX changed theirs accordingly too after, except it was changed to the day before that (“yesterday” at the time of that scenario), which is when I knew that something wasn’t quite right with VEX’s interpretation of FedEx’s delivery date. Has anyone else experienced this with their VEX orders?

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chitchat exists, but also delivery dates are an estimate theres never a guarantee that it will arrive on the exact day and time specified.

Yes, I’m aware of this, but I’m more concerned about the fact that VEX directly bases their estimated delivery date off of FedEx, only for the delivery date to always be displayed as one day earlier than it actually is on FedEx. If I can just see the estimated delivery time (which is usually pretty accurate on FedEx) on FedEx’s tracker, why can’t VEX just have the same exact estimated date if they base their delivery information off of FedEx anyways?


(In which FedEx’s delivery estimate is represented in the top screenshot and VEX’s in the bottom)

Why aren’t both dates shown as September 15 when all of the other information between the two is otherwise identical?