Why is the worlds wait list random?

From my region a team that didn’t even make it to states is now going to worlds over some really good teams. Does anyone know why VEX chooses to pick teams randomly instead of going by skills? Or is there some hidden criteria that were missing?

In RECF terms, their objective is to provide the best experience possible for as many teams as possible, not find the most competitive robot to add to a region.


im assuming recf does it just for equality like no matter the skill of a certain team, one can still have an equal chance at competing like what Oscar mentioned above. Not to mention, no one really knows the algorithm on how they pick teams from waitlist off.

In my experience, it is first come, first served (limit 1 team per organization), so the teams that seemingly got in randomly probably added their team to the waitlist very shortly after the event was open on robotevents.com

(Not being snarky- just curious) Tagging onto your “In my experience” - do you have a lot of experience with teams getting into worlds off the waitlist? One team, five teams, ten teams. Enough to be able to infer that it is first in/first out?

In my experience, there wasn’t an “official” wait list, but if you had a non-worlds-qualifying team come to worlds to volunteer for stuff (when worlds was in Kentucky, we could drive, and many of our members would go), and if a team dropped out at the last minute for some reason (like they couldn’t make their last flight, or got sent home after inspection for some reason), and if you RECF knew you were available, you team might be offered the spot, rather than have a “blank” in the division. I think this is the first year of creating something official to pull an extra team from.

One year, I remember there was a Clawbot trainer playing as a “filler” because a local Louisville team had one available to fill in an empty slot.


I have heard of similar scenarios as well. Moral of the story, if your organization is bringing teams that haven’t qualified to worlds, bring a robot “just in case.”


Also bear in mind that there are other avenues to a World’s spot - on-line challenges, etc.


In my personal opinion if it is called the world championship that is what it should be. We don’t let just random athletes into the Olympics that aren’t any good. Same thing goes for major championships for any sport.


Google Eddie the Eagle.

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Eh we have alternates for the Olympics make it all the time.


True, but the alternates are typically the runner up in the selection process, not randomly selected from a list anybody can sign up for.


Yes, more than once, I was able to get a waitlist invite for worlds by getting teams onto the events waitlist as quickly as possible.

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