Why is there resumeTask() but no pauseTask()?

Hi! So I’m building a robot for my class, and I noticed that when I typed in “resume”, ROBOTC (I’m using Natural Language PLTW) suggested “resumeTask”. Here is a picture of it:

Now, I tried searching up what it was, but I didn’t find any results! Mostly people were saying pausing and resuming tasks either:

  1. impossible
  2. doable with


(I couldn’t get this to work! It did the other tasks anyways.)
3. double by calling pause and resume for every other tasks (according to charsleysa)
the third thing interested me. Perhaps it has to do with this


function! However, there was no


function, and when I tried entering it in manually, I got a compiler error. So, what gives? Would anyone please tell me how to pause and resume tasks? That’d help make the process of programming my robot a lot faster and straightforward!

Thanks in advance!

p.s.: about the second thing, [s]I did have


in a few


loops when I used


. Maybe that’s why it didn’t pause the other tasks?[/s] I just tested it, and removing the


commands didn’t help. It still allows other tasks to run :confused: