Why is vex shipping so expensive

I was buying a gen 1 gyro sensor for 29$ and there charging 24$ for shipping and there are no cheaper options. Anyone know why this is.

There are different view points on this. One shipping and handling should reflect true cost of providing service to stock (store) components for shipping, packaging item for shipping, and actual shipping cost. The second is the Amazon model (Jeff Bezos in early years of Amazon when they only did books) believe in economy of scale - take loss while building business, and then scale of business will allow to expand in other sectors… At the time Amazon was losing at least $2 per book shipped (if not more).

VEX V5 is not a mass market consumer product, so their business model is vastly different. To the point that the control what messaging happens with resellers (a big reduction of authorized resellers a few years ago …)

That said - flat rate shipments from USPS boxes is not $24 to US postal addresses … so does it take the remainder to “store” and “process” a single item? I am not sure.

I hope this helps understand a little bit about the process and costs.


There are two parts, actual shipping, the fee that FedEx charges, and handling, which is the cost to pick it off a shelf, wrap it, stick it in a box, seal the box, label it ( includes the cost of the box, packing, tape, etc. )

I’ve watched shipping from FedEx and UPS go up about 20% in the last 4 months. I’ve also watched the cost of boxes and packing material (Air wrap) fo up about 30%. Add in raises for labor and you can see where the cost goes.

I just got told on a shipment of.a large tree that I’m buying there is now a $40 fuel surcharge.

The only way to combat this is to buy more so that the fixed cost (the first $9 of the shipping and $10 of handling) can be split across many items. I used to set a min $50 for an order, I now lump orders until I get over $125.

Amazon has spent millions in wringing the costs down for shipping. But you can assume that off the top of all items is a hidden charge to ship it too you.

But we are seeing Prime cost go up, so the increases are everywhere.

I would not like you to walk away thinking this is fine, everyone is just passing their increased costs along. They are also passing along increases in their profits. First quarter earning numbers are coming out, see profits for gas, FedEx, UPS, DHL, box makers, etc also rise.

People are being told “well we gave employees a 5% raise” we are passing that to you. I’m fine with that, not at all pleased by the 10% increase that shows up as your profits.

Start watching the fast food earning reports and their stock prices for a good indication where the extra “cost to the consumer” is really going.