Why isnt the fly wheel fast or strong enough

Hey guys, im back. Not for memes tho. My team is trying to build a flywheel to shoot our eggos and such but when we go to shoot them, the fly wheel just isnt powerful enough. We are using blue motors and a couple of grip green wheel ( we dont have the scared flex wheel) and we put it at top speed. What are we doing wrong?

Note: the wheels are as close as we can get them, using c channel holes and its a horizontal shooter.

Perhaps you should send pictures/ a video (upload to YT or google drive/photos) so we can better help you. Right now we don’t have a lot to go off of to help you.


Try and use the brain screen to check how fast the motors are running and how much voltage they are taking. High voltage can be a sign it is underpowered or has a lot of friction.

Also, if you are using just blue motors without a gear ratio, the base 600rpm speed is probably not fast enough to shoot far enough, although the issues of it not being fast or strong enough also suggest some mechanical problems.


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