Why my Controller radio can't work

hello guys , thank you for the help at the last time, now i have some small problem with my controller that when i take out my cotroller’s bluetooth module my controller still work but when i atttach the radio to the cotroller it isn’t work i still change the module from another teams and attaching it to myteam but the module from another teams make my cotroller why my module isn’t work

The most common problem with the IQ radio modules is being sure to push them all the way into the sockets. On the controller, try removing the battery cover, then push in the module, then put the battery cover back on.

i still do that actually first time i also think like you : my Leader open the controller’s case and we also use the ammeter to check the elcetric of the battery and is still work ( with out the radio),Thn we also put out the module and attach it again and is also into the joint.My teacher tell me that the circut of the radio is to short and we need fix it. i don’t know. thanks you for you help, tell me and is the big gift for our teams(see you soon at vex tourament in Texas)