Why not others

If i can buy some parts for cheaper but worse why should i not buy them? What are your thoughts?

What do you mean by “worse” is it lower quality? Also, it depends from part to part. If C-Channel is cheaper from site to site its probably fine to buy, but I would be wary of buying electronics at a cheaper price.

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Oh ok that’s good to know. Thank you!

Are you asking for V5 or Vex IQ?

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V5 not in i guess i should of been specific 🤦🏽

Yep, being specific would help, putting in the right sub-forum would help (You have this posted to the VEXIQ General discussion)

Items that are Commercially Off the Shelf (COTS) items, ie, screws, nuts, washers, rubber bands, plastic sheets, etc. can be purchased at your favorite discount place. (Plug here for the colored screws made by Robosource) Items that are VEX V5 and VEXIQ specific (beams, channels, plate, gears, wheels, brains, motors, sensors, etc. need to be purchased from VEX.

If you check the rules there is a section that covers what you can buy from other places than VEX. There are also a few Q&A questions about the nuance of items you can purchase.


To add to what @Foster said here is a handy map of authorized US resellers: Contact Us - VEX Robotics There’s also a link at the bottom for international resellers.