Why this, Vex

This is in the vex Fourm settings. Go to your profile, then preferences, then interface and select either option in the Color Scheme. Here you will find either the default theme or… Barbie theme???

What is vex thinking? This is compleatly random.


@DRow and I got bored one day. :face_with_peeking_eye:


I have just tried this, and I can confirm that I can no longer see :grinning:. So that’s fun.

same, guess we got too used to dark mode :pensive:

but it is brilliant otherwise :grin:

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New Product Ideas
Maybe Barbenheimer theme? Pls?

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Yea, I run light mode and Barbie mode is some serious level of PINK. I was on another site and the mods had figured out how to make the background a red and green plaid. You could pick it, but it made text almost impossible to read.

The mods then started to use it as a penalty, you would get locked into 24 hours of plaid for a board level offense.





Still here for me


oh no

@BananaPi may be our first candidate for not combining the last three posts into one causing the mods additional work !


I turned this on and tried it for a while till my parents saw my phone when I was on forums and well… That was an interesting conversation to say the least.

There should be a Christmas mode…


I agree with @Micahy321, there should be a Christmas theme to make Vex Forum’s more user friendly. Although, the new Barbie theme is fire.

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Why does it seem so weirdly convenient that there were two posts about this on the same day? How does this keep happening… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s actually not new, been around for at least 6 weeks.


I am sorry for my wording, I mean new for me because I haven’t noticed it yet.

just checked – Dillon made it on 7/21/2023. Almost 5 months! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to have a christmas theme


Adding on to this: A christmas theme could look like red and green (though not as bright as the pink on the Barbie theme), and with little snowflakes, Christmas trees, gifts, and ornaments in the background. Alternatively, there are these options too:

Seasonal themes

We could do a theme that is seasonal and changed based on the date on your system and your set location (as different locations have different seasons at different times) - Spring could be raincoats and stuff and dark green, summer could be the sun with orange, autumn could be redder with leaves, and winter could be a grey or lower brightness white with snowflakes.

VEX Theme

Moreover, there could be a VEX theme that has the VEX logo, gears, etc. on a gray background (and, while we’re at it, we could do one similar but for VEX IQ, where instead of V5 objects, there’s IQ obects. Pretty self-explanatory.)