Why very few middle school only tournaments?

We have all 6th graders and was looking for a middle school only events. There are >200 teams mostly middle schoolers who done/going thru the google girl powered workshop in bay area and it is interesting that there are zero middle school only events in the bay area. Closest ones I see are near LA. I do not want the kids participate and get discouraged by getting ranked in the bottom just because they have to compete with highschoolers. Any ideas and reasons why there are no middle school only VRC tournaments?

California had almost 70 VRC MS events last season. You will have to wait until people are actually available to start posting events for the season. Just keep checking back on Robotevents.com

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at least in my area many kids would rather do iq

Most people haven’t scheduled their events for this year in the US. To give you an idea, there are only 86 total events on the schedule for the entire US right now. Last year, there were about ~1000. Most event organizers haven’t started event organizing yet. Last year there were four Middle School tournaments within thirty miles of San Fransisco, so give people some time to come back from summer break and you should see tournaments start popping up.


October 1st is the deadline for posting tourneys. A lot of them will be up before then but by then you will know when all the tournaments are.


Thank you all for the responses.

VRC MS has really been diminished to to the rise in VIQC. I was an MS competitor last year, and if ya wanna know the secret, ya don’t go to ms only events. Compete and hold yourself to the same standards of high schoolers, you’ll improve immensely and by the time MS states rolls around youll be competing like highschoolers


Thanks for the response @nitrospam. Understood the way of thinking. But I think it is not easy for the kids entering 6th grade to understand some concepts such as PID controller etc and so was trying to see.

pffff i got the think award at states and best programming skills using time statements. you dont need to teach everything there is, just the basics