Why was Change Up a bad game?

Hey everyone! I was looking around at the forum and it seems everyone was discontent with Change Up. To be frank I enjoyed the game, but then again I didn’t compete much so I don’t really understand the flaws with the game rules and mechanics. Thanks in advance

Oh my God the fields were so inconsistent. If you didn’t have a well programmed gyro you were practically dead

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Are you kidding? Change Up was a great game! One of the best ever.

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How was it a good game? It seems to me that all the robots were so simple and easy and it all came down to how well your driver was. As far as engineering goes I think change up was absolutely awful but I could be wrong.


I think it had a super fun driving period, but I’m going to hold a grudge against the inconsistencies on the fields. That’s what messed us up the most

A game is bad if even in early season, driver’s ability outweighs how good your robot is significantly.

  1. 1 way to score. I thought tower takeover was bad at this, but change took the worst and multiplied it by ten. There is only one task and it just comes down to how fast you can do it.

  2. Scores could change to fast. The game flipped so fast during the last 15 seconds that if you didn’t go for the right goal then you would loose. Nothing about robot skill there.

  3. Too much focus on speed. The only thing that mattered was speed. Nothing else

  4. Skills was broken. The first ball is worth 19 points and the last is worth 1. Logarithmic scoring is bad.


my opinion on why change up was the worst vrc game to date:

  • one 1 game object, and it was a sphere, the simplest and easiest object to handle.
  • only 1 scoring objective, and it was an insanely easy one, put a ball in an 18" goal.
  • goals were poorly designed, tolerances could shift and the goals were just generally bad.
  • skills was broken to the point where they had to add a stop time mechanic just to be able to differentiate top teams. Not good when skills was half the season.
  • the extreme ease of the game tasks combined with the swing nature meant that good driving was more important than good engineering.
  • boring to watch (my subjective opinion)

all this and more combined to make a game that provided little to no engineering challenge, was riddled with problems throughout the season, and was unpleasant to watch and play.

I’m glad to see that tipping point has none of these issues.


From a mechanic/builder’s perspective, the robot innovation process wasn’t that interesting. In Tower Takeover (and other games, but I have not experienced them firsthand) we had to interact with the objects in many different ways. Robots had to complete a variety of very different tasks (stacking, tower scoring, tower descoring). This required clever engineering to efficiently accomplish with the motor limit and size limit. In Tower Takeover it felt like we were really pushing the builds themselves, with huge heavy trays requiring high torque to move them, a complicated deployment system, and anti-tip stabilizers to counteract their weight. We were constantly revising different mechanisms, implementing new ones, finding new ways to improve the robot. Change Up was worse (in my opinion) because the robots weren’t really doing anything difficult. So it was only about who could do the simple task the quickest. The only ways to improve the robots themselves were basically making it faster, lighter, and simpler. That process of refining gets tiring. Lastly, we ended Change Up feeling like we were running out of ways to innovate, but Tower Takeover robots continued to have breakthroughs throughout the season.


I thought it was a good game in a face to face event (Live Live Tournament). There was a chance to play defense and a chance to descore balls to change the game. I liked the LLT much more than the LRT.

I did like how the robots changed for LRT (cage bots!), that wouldn’t be practical in LLT.

Change Up isn’t even in the bottom 3 for worst games.


I am guessing that Change Up was simplified for VAIC.
It was a simple game that relied more on hours of driver skill than hours of engineering design.

Change Up ranks toward the bottom of the VEX games.
Hopefully the VEX GDC is reading feedback and pays attention for future games.


Change up was designed for in-person, since it was literally tic-tac-toe. Swing games don’t really work in lrt and lrs. Would turning point still be a fun game over lrt? Or starstruck?

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Here are the 2 main reasons

  1. The first couple weeks people max out skills which made skills stop time a thing.
  2. Only 1 way to score ( putting balls in goals )

I think that Change Up could have been a fine game if we had been playing it in person. It would have still had meta problems, but that isn’t exclusive to Change Up.

As a LRT game, Change Up was pretty bad. It was fairly boring to watch, nearly impossible to understand, and difficult to see the strategies behind it.

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