Why was Color Sensor Discontinued

I see that VEX has discontinued the first generation color sensor with the V5 Optical sensor appearing to take the place of both the distance and color sensors. Was this decision based on user problems with the old sensor? Just curious.

I think the Color Sensor is going to be replaced by the optical. Vex new Gen 2 systems are newer and have the latest technology .

The color sensor was a 10 year old design and used components no longer available, it is replaced by the new optical sensor which has similar functionality. It has the same feature set as the V5 optical sensor.

The generation 1 distance sensor, which was an ultrasonic sensor, is replaced by the IQ generation 2 distance sensor which also has the same feature set as the V5 distance sensor.


Unfortunately that doesn’t help those of us with gen 1 kits who need to replace sensors. There is nowhere to buy distance sensors and Vex seems to have no answers for when the gen 2 will be sold separately. Very frustrating.


You can now pre order the new sensors.

With delivery after 1 October. I liked it better when it “ships in six weeks” vs “ships in six months”


If you’re in need you could reach out here to get extras. I’m sure a lot of schools are doing refreshes with new stuff and might even be happy to send you a few at a reasonable price.