Why won't my tray fold in?

Hello our team is using a traybot and we have 3 treys. We have a problem folding our third trey in to our second trey. If we don’t have our trey fold inside our second trey our robot will be larger than the 18x18x18 in. volume. Our third trey is currently 12 holes wide but if we make it 11 holes wide a cube won’t be able to fit and slide up. We also tried drilling more space in the c-channel on both sides of our trey so the c-channel would be smaller between the 2 l-channels that make up our trey. Does anyone know how to fix this?

First of all, happy account anniversary!
But on another note, it would be very very appreciated if you post pictures of your tray. :slight_smile:


oh sorry i was at home and the tray was at school

Try usning lexan to make the top section just thinner than 12 holes

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I had the same issue on our bot which I’m currently working on, all I had to do was shorten the tray length not width. After talking to many teams at competitions they say to make sure each stage is slightly shorter than the previous.

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