Wi fi key 2 failure

We are seeing Wifi Key (V2) failures almost daily. They simply refuse to pair or work. We can swap out other keys and there are no problems.

The vex link link blink reds and the blue LED’s inside the keys do NOT light up.

Did you bend the key and cause some connections to be flaky? I’ve seen that before as a culprit but we have not had much issue with the 2.0 keys (outside the debug data rate).

Check the VEXnet key firmware, everything should be at V1.46 now (assuming that all cortex and joysticks are at V4.25). Use the tool available here.

It is up to date. I reinstalled just in case and on the display shows TDM 1.46 Boot 1.2

We are still flailing here. 6 keys not working in a matter of a week.

I would talk directly with vex technical support about this.

Different combos of cortexes and joysticks? I wonder if some keys are bent or the USB connection on the Cortex and/or Joystick could be worn down or lint in the way.

Thanks, these are only a year old and there is no visible damage to the housing or USB connectors. Under a spy glass I see no malformation in the connectors. I am going to try gently cleaning the ports on keys to see if that helps.