Wide Intake Problems

So we now currently have a wide intake. But the problem is when two balls are sucked in at a time sometimes they get stuck when they reach the bottleneck instead of dividing into a single file stream of balls. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you solve it?

There are many threads regarding this issue. I recommend checking them out. Essentially try to make your tray slightly asymmetrical, so that balls on one side will feed in slightly ahead of ones on the other. The best way to solve intake problems is just a lot of practice and tuning. Try to fix it, then drive till it jams, then adjust, and repeat.


Nick H. (8000)

What is your uptake system? (flaps, tank tread, chain…)

We had the same problem and modified our intake so it was slightly narrower than two balls. We have never had two balls stuck at the same time since we’ve made this change.