Wierd Forum Problem

Hi Forum,
I don’t know what just happened, but my forum is now in what looks like gibberish. Possibly some other language. It’s half english, half gibberish. I tried refreshing the page. What should I do? (I think this is the general forum, i’m not sure. Couldn’t figure out which one was forum support.) I’ve also tried restarting the browser.

Screenshot? Probably some software on your end (translation maybe?), have you tried a different browser or different device?

Here’s a screenshot. This has never happened before, so I’m really confused. Firefox doesn’t work (what I’m using right now, but google chrome works fine. I’d still like to fix it, though, because I like firefox better.

Hmmm, maybe try a different browser such as Google Chrome or Opera.

Maybe it’s an easter egg? lol

He said that chrome works, but he prefers firefox (which isn’t working)

Highly doubt it’s the forum. Probably some extension (wanted or not) that’s acting up. Maybe it’s mad that there is less foreign language spam now and wanted to make some? If you want to use Firefox, fully get rid of it and reinstall.

Could it be that you are using a vpn extension and firefox is trying to translate into another language?

I’m not sure why, but it spontaneously decided to start working again. Nothing changed as far as I know.